LEGO® news is here!

And they can't resist. Among them you will find kits for children of different ages. Who among the children would not love LEGO®. It brings so much fun for young and old.

Do your existing kits already have your branches worn out? Then it's time for a change. Take a look under the cover of themed kits and universal sets full of colored cubes, which are already waiting for their new owners.

Current news targets all ages. Not only small and large, but also adults will get their money's worth. Some sets are even enhanced with various fun features, which further promotes imagination and authenticity while playing.

Harry Potter fans will enjoy the new editions of the LEGO®, which include characters from the collector's edition or the Mysterious Castle. Fans of the Star Wars movie will also get their money's worth, as they can assemble a great all-terrain armored personnel carrier or the throne room of Emperor Palpatine with an escalator and other effects.

Players of the famous and popular Minecraft will also be pleased. A novelty awaits you in the form of creative boxing, thanks to which you can transfer to a game world full of zombies and favorite characters.

Great news from LEGO® will even allow you to take a trip around the world. At least in your imagination. Thanks to the kits, you can transfer to Paris, the city of the future - Dubai or Britain. You will build interesting architectural structures, which are mini copies of the famous Eiffel Tower, the London Eye or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Escape from the worries of everyday life into a fantasy world. A world in which endless possibilities of creation from a kit full of colored cubes of various sizes and shapes are combined. Time flows differently during construction than in the real world. It is a time full of imagination, creativity and endless possibilities. Get one of the wonderful LEGO® news that will captivate and entertain.