LEGO® Technic

LEGO® Technic is a lot of fun for creative boys of all ages. Sophisticated technical kits are perfect for small LEGO® builders who like various LEGO® machines, vehicles and other technical elements. You can have great fun during the construction and subsequent play. The kit offers a lot of great adventures for small technically oriented children.

Construction requires proper machines

For builders of body and soul, there are proper machines in the form of a crane and an excavator. With them, small builders can handle many jobs on the construction site. With an excavator, you can do a lot of work on the construction site, which requires digging and throwing dirt. The crane, in turn, is used to move various things on the construction site. Start fulfilling your construction dreams. Master all construction machinery.

Fast car races

Prepare to start…. The fast car race begins. Refuel, step on the gas and go to a real race of the best cars. It takes proper tuning. Only then will you be able to reach the finish line as a winner. Build a super fast formula or an unmissable race car and hit the starting line. It's time to test your strength with the other participants in the race.

Something for bikers

Motorbike lovers can build a great LEGO® Ducati motorbike, which has a pleasing design. The front and rear shock absorbers allow for really real movement. Racing with such a motorcycle is then almost like in reality. More than one lover of fast machines will be thrilled by the elaborate details of the Ducati motorcycle. Get ready for the devil's ride and set out to wander the roads.

Agricultural machinery goes out into the field

LEGO® Technic also offers something for admirers of agricultural technology. A great and detailed tractor sets off on a field where a lot of work awaits it. Harvest the crop in time for it to perish. With a functional blade, it will go like butter.