Now children can develop their imagination, fantasy and creativity even further with LEGO® VIDIYO™. This series is perfect for ages 7 - 8. It will become a great means of fun for boys and girls alike. Take on the role of an artist, become a superstar on the music scene, make videos and create music videos. Your creations can come to life by connecting to the app. Become the centre of attention on the music stage. Enjoy an exciting adventure of fun, music and creativity.

Play DJ and rock the stage

Turn yourself into a skilled DJ and rock the party. With the LEGO® VIDIYO™ Unicorn DJ Beatbox, you'll be sure to have a blast thanks to special effects. Decorate your LEGO® Beatbox with several designs and change them according to your mood. Thanks to the compact packaging, you can take the beatbox on the go and enjoy exciting entertainment wherever you go.

Build a stage in the shape of a sweet castle

Build a perfectly equipped stage in fairy-tale style. The LEGO® Candy Castle Stage is like a candy decorated castle from a fairy tale. A teddy bear figure, ballerina and more can show off their dancing creations and other skills. Watch their artistry and support them in their other creations.

Something for hip hop lovers

Hip-hop and robot lovers will also find something to like. The Robo HipHop car combines these two things. The combination of colours such as white, black and yellow combine to create a unique and original design for this music stage. You can also impress others with special robotic sounds and other effects. Create unique music videos on the digital stage and share them with others. 

The metalheads are about to rock the house

Metal fans can rock out on a unique stage full of long hair and perfectly voiced guitars. Metal Dragon Beatbox lets you rock out heavy metal style. This beatbox is foldable, so it's great for road trips.