LEGO® Themes

LEGO® it's not just colored cubes of different shapes. It is a world of fantasy and creativity. These are endless possibilities in creating various interesting buildings. However, they are also thematically focused sets, from which various means of transport, buildings and environments can be built from films, fairy tales or computer games according to the instructions. Of course, well-known heroes and other figures in the form of warriors, princesses, animals and others must not be missing from the thematically tuned sets.

Diversity and targeting for all ages

Kits for children of various ages are waiting for builders. Both boys who love fast cars, police cars or Batman, as well as girls who will be waiting for heroes from the Ice Kingdom or popular Disney girls, will get their money's worth.

Themes from animators for younger children

The younger ones will definitely find one of their favorite animated fairy tales in the orchards. There are also kits based on fairy tales of Mimoni, The Little Mermaid, the Ice Kingdom and others.

Film and game themes

The larger ones can choose from LEGO® kits based on various movies and computer games such as Star Wars and Jurassic World, the computer game Minecraft and more.

Something for the elderly

The older ones, to whom toys no longer say much, will also get their money's worth. But thanks to the variety of kits, teenagers will also win with the leg. They can create various structures, buildings, means of transport and thus immerse themselves in the world of fantasy and colorful LEGO® cubes.

Thanks to the variety of topics, each child simply finds his favorite and chooses a set that he cannot resist and with which he will win long hours.