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LEGO Simpsons

Enjoy the legendary Simpsons a little differently than just from the TV screen. With the LEGO Simpsons edition, you can build their entire house with a garage or hypermarket in Springfield. Have lots of fun with a beer lover Homer or Lisa loving a Saxophone game.

The Simpsons' family home

One of the integral parts of the Simpsons animator is their large family house. Build the LEGO House of the Simpsons and enjoy a great day like in the series. The building has a decomposable structure and a removable roof. You have a perfect overview of who is at home and what he is doing. Homer is lying on the couch with a can of beer again, and Marge is preparing dinner. A toddler Meggie is at her feet. Lisa is practicing saxophone playing in her room, and Bart is sure to come up with a scam.

Park the car in the garage

And it wouldn't be a real house if it didn't include a LEGO garage exactly as you know it from the animated series. A pink Simpsons car is parked in that. There is also a monument to the carom in the form of a dent in the hood. The entrance to the garage is calculated in millimeters exactly for the entry of this car, so great care must be taken when parking. Both Marge and Homer often rush the car like mad. Who will be hacked again or miss?

Shop in the hypermarket

Springfield must not miss a proper LEGO Hypermarket, where locals and those who pass by can buy everything they need. There are also various necessary accessories such as LEGO minifigures of the main characters. No one dares to steal anything here, because a local sheriff's car is parked in the parking lot in front of the store.

Krusty's fun box

LEGO Dimensions brings you Krusty's fantastic fun box. It is used to connect the starter set and the game console. Let the figures come to life and transfer to a new dimension.