LEGO® Super Mario

Enter the world of computer games and build LEGO® Super Mario, a popular legendary character with a red cap, along with the familiar environment in which he lives.
Create colorful worlds with houses and surrounding nature. Invite all of Mario's friends and embark together on a search for a chest of gold and diamonds. Experience a lot of adventures,
which is already waiting for you.
Starter set

The LEGO® Mario starter set brings a lot of fun with a favorite character from video games. Thanks to the connection with the application, this fun does not end. Run as fast as you can and collect
all the coins you meet along the way. Along the way, watch out for poisonous toadstools. You better avoid them with an arch. Play alone or with your friends thanks to this
an interactive kit that connects the real world with the virtual one. This starter set is ideal fun for both boys and girls.
Go hunting for treasures

Expand your LEGO® Mario collection with another kit. This set is an ideal addition to the LEGO® starter set. The fun will expand to the next level. Thanks to this kit you can
go on a treasure hunt. There are also pieces and dice, so you and your friends can play a slightly different board together. Build colorful tree-lined houses. Where will he be
hidden treasure chest? Can you find her before she is captured by someone else? Accept the challenge and embark on an adventurous journey. A long journey full of obstacles and pitfalls awaits you in
in the form of enemies, at the end of which you may have a tempting reward.
Nintendo system for video game lovers

If you love LEGO® video games and kits at the same time, then the LEGO® Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System is ideal for you. Build a legendary retro set
with a remote control and a TV with realistic functions, which is a great memory of times long past when you were steaming like wild.