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Stranger Things

Are you a fan of the spooky sci-fi series Stranger Things? At LEGO Stranger Things, experiences and adventures full of the supernatural, fighting monsters and monsters, await you. The slimy and very dangerous monster Demogorgon is waking up to life again, destroying everything in its path. If you are done for fear, do not hesitate to start building the house and its surroundings and invite a whole group of friends to visit. Become fearless and fight evil forces and the supernatural.

An intrepid bunch of friends led by a girl with supernatural abilities

There are also figures of a party of friends in the kit. The main heroine is a girl with psychokinetic abilities and the nickname "El". He befriends others - Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will. Use its supernatural powers and unite as a group of friends together to defend the attacking monsters. It's time to launch an attack. Everything is overseen by a stout sheriff, Jim Hopper. But what if it gets in danger and is in danger? You must not leave anything to chance.

Haunted House

Build a haunted dilapidated house that is a copy of the real one from the Stranger Things series. There is a stylish veranda, which is used not only to sit, but also to meet friends and family. Inside you will find a room where the most secret plans for attack and defense are spun. Don't forget to build big trees around the house, which will provide you with at least some protection from dangerous forces. Your house will be better covered and you will have a refuge where to hide.

Off-road jeep as a way to escape

Demogorgon has decided to attack again and is getting bigger and stronger. Don't be drawn into a mysterious world where time has stopped and there is no escape. How to escape as fast as possible? In such situations, Sheriff Jim Hopper's police jeep will come in handy to take you to safety.