Do your children like trains and colleges? Are they fans of various vehicles and everything connected with it? Or perhaps he is one of the enthusiasts of architecture and likes to build various buildings, towers, bridges and more? Then you will definitely choose one of the LEGO® kits from the LEGO® Interests section. In this category you will find various types of LEGO® kits and also other useful accessories and indispensable figures. Choose a lega kit or other accessories for your children and help them develop imagination and creativity. It's time for a lot of fun in a flood of colored cubes and pieces.

Useful accessories for even better construction

Every legion lover will appreciate useful accessories for building. And what must not be missing in such a small builder's equipment? Small motorists will appreciate the great road or water motif, which will make driving cars and other vehicles even more realistic. The building accessories also include a basic set of cubes and special cubes in a creative box.

Minifigures for more fun

What would it be like to play if there were no pieces. And figures, there are never enough of them. They will enliven every game and become the architects of new stories. Legendary and unique characters from various animators, computer games, but also ordinary dolls will not spoil any fun.

Buildings for great builders

Little builders and lovers of architecture will enjoy kits based on motifs of various buildings. Let your little ones build a miniature of the legendary Statue of Liberty, the famous Empire State Building or one of London's most famous landmarks, Big Ben, in their room.

Something for robotic enthusiasts

If your children are interested in everything about robots, then you are in the right place. You can please them with the Creative Box with tools.

When purchasing a new box with LEGO®, you should definitely not miss the LEGO® Interests section, because you will find really magnificent and indispensable kits, sets, creative boxes and other accessories.