Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars is a lot of fights between different opponents, tension, adrenaline and alliances that lead to victory. Get excellent weapons, fighter jets and go on a duel that knows no losers. Take control of the galaxy and resist the rebellious rebels. Free Princess Leia, who is imprisoned on the Death Star. Even if it takes a lot of courage, you can do it.

Star Wars fans will be thrilled by the elaborate LEGO Star Wars kits based on the motifs of this cult phenomenon. Become the main hero of Star Wars.

Equip yourself with fighter jets

What kind of duel would it be if the bullets didn't fly head through the air. The best fights are taking place in the sky. For a pre-won war, perfectly equipped aircraft are needed to defend against enemies. Assemble a fighter, which has adjustable wings and launchers. Take off up towards stellar combat and neutralize enemies.

In addition to LEGO fighters, you will also need an Imperial Star Destroyer, which will destroy everything that stands in its way.

Embark on a survey

It is important to explore the terrain properly. You will use a reconnaissance colossus in the form of a walking tank. You can place one of the minifigures in its rotating tower. And the flexible joints of the walking colossus are also great. In addition, the fighters will also be thrilled with the functional shooters.

Take command

Take command and turn into the boss of the whole event. The droid commander is ready to go on a fantastic battle with his supporters. Take a trip with little droids to an endless galaxy full of battles and attacks.

Star Wars enthusiasts can shorten the wait for Christmas

Is Christmas time approaching? Waiting for Santa will help you shorten the great LEGO Advent calendar in the style of LEGO Star Wars. Gradually open 24 windows in which small surprises await you.

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