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More legions for less money! Do your children love LEGO® so much that you buy it for them at every possible opportunity? The more elaborate kits are then relatively expensive. How about saving at least a little on their purchase? Now is your chance. Take advantage of advantageous special prices of up to several tens of percent and save your wallet during. Give your children more fun with this popular kit.

Even more fun and playing in the fantasy world at better prices

It doesn't matter what it looks like on the surface, it doesn't matter what the content is inside. And this also applies to boxes with LEGO®, which are a bit damaged on the outside, but their contents are completely fine. Thanks to this, you can save during your purchase and buy more kits for the usual price.

And what can you build at great attractive prices?

At least visit London in your imagination. Build the legendary double-decker red bus and set off on a journey through London's sights. Also, don't forget the drivers and passengers, without whom such a ride would not be possible.
It's time for a great ride in a fast and unbeatable Porsche. Get a detailed imitation of this tuned car and enjoy the fun of building individual pieces of an authentic replica, which will put together a luxury car of a well-known brand.
Play at the pet store. All you have to do is build a great pet store with a café. There are also minifigures, such as a salesman with a stand with hot dogs.
Star Wars fans will definitely choose from one of the fantastic kits. You will find here a great set for the defense of the planet Crait, including minifigures.
It's time to expand the LEGO®'s reserves. View the current offer of discounted kits with damaged packaging. Give your children new fun thanks to other kits with their favorite theme at irresistible prices.