LEGO according to the age of the child

LEGO is diverse and offers kits for everyone, regardless of age. In the LEGO Age Range section, you will find categories divided by recommended age. It is a category for the youngest and for kindergarten children, as well as a section with a leg intended for preschoolers and school children.

For small children

0 - 2 years
The LEGO DUPLO category is intended for the youngest builders. In this section, great kits are waiting for both boys and girls. They will win great with boxes of legions full of animals, trains, vehicles and more.

3 - 4 years
Kindergarten children aged 3-4 will have a lot of fun with LEGO Classic, City, Juniors or Disney. The boys can look forward to a lot of fun repairing cars at the car repair shop or catching thieves during a police chase. The heroes from the fairy tale Ice Kingdom are waiting for the girls.

For older children

5 - 6 years
Here it smells of gasoline and there is a howling rubber. This is something for small racers who can whistle with the wind about the race. How about a submarine going to the bottom of the ocean or building an ocean reconnaissance base? Or fly a space shuttle on a research mission to Mars. The girls will be thrilled with a luxurious hairdresser or a fairytale castle.

7 - 8 years
How about a Star Wars or Harry Potter kit? She would please many school boys. There are also kits based on computer games Mario or Minecraft.

9 - 11 years
The legendary Star Wars is here - get involved in the final duel and build a great Throne Hall or a walking off-road armored personnel carrier. Lovers of technology will get their money's worth thanks to the LEGO Technic edition kits. Little showmakers can show off their art, for example in a hairdressing salon.

12 +
Unique LEGO Technic kits in the form of a sophisticated truck or racing cars are already waiting for their new owners. There is also a kit for fans of the popular series Friends or The Simpsons.