If you want something special when it comes to LEGO®, then you should not miss the unbeatable LEGO® Exclusive edition when choosing. In it you will find special kits with different focus, which are designed primarily for children from 10, 12 or 16 years. These kits will not only captivate fans of Star Wars, Apollo 11, but they also contain other interesting pieces with which you can have a lot of fun.

Unique and detailed kits

Thanks to the LEGO® Exclusive set, even real connoisseurs and the biggest fans of the LEGO® kit will get their money's worth. Among the kits, you will find elaborate models and luxury collector's pieces that you must not miss.

Do you like adrenaline and an exciting roller coaster ride?

Do you love fun, adrenaline and the thrill of fast driving? You can also enjoy all this when building LEGO® cubes. Did you know that even a LEGO® can be used to build a really impressive roller coaster? Yes it's right. You can really get rid of it on its construction. This fairground attraction won't spoil any fun. When building it, at least in your thoughts, you can get to the amusement park, where there is no shortage of fun. Apart from the roller coaster, there are also a few stalls with service and visitors to the amusement park. Who wouldn't want to ride the wind in their hair on the exciting roller coaster. So up for a lot of fun.

Fast bike lovers, get smart

Do you love fast bikes and loud engines? Do you want to enjoy the exciting feeling of a great fast ride? Then you should get sharper right now. Among the kits, you will find more than one piece containing cubes and other pieces for assembling luxury racing cars. There are several exclusive models with unique functions on offer. Many fans of technology will be thrilled.

The LEGO®Exclusive range will be a delight for anyone who longs for something special and unique. It offers a lot of opportunities for fun, games and technical thinking.